How to Pick Wide Calf Boots for Your Fall and Winter?

For every fashionista, no matter the reason or the season, a pair of boots is always a solid option. If ankle boots are preferred in spring and summer for most girls, mid-calf and knee-high boots come back to the stage every autumn and winter. An overcoat plus a pair of knee-high boots is the outfit you can always go to without having to overthink on cold days. So a pair of Mr. Right for your footwear can really polish up your everyday wardrobe.

Sometimes it ain’t easy for us who are plump or have strong calf muscles to invest in a pair of boots that can guarantee a comfortable fit. Because we need extra room in the calf area! For me, wide calf boots are my last resort. This footwear genre includes boots designed with features like stretchy panels and extra roomy upper portions, or let’s put it by number, boots with a calf circumference of greater than 15 inches. These boots are perfect to fit over larger lower legs, making getting into and out a breeze. Then, how can we choose the right pair with no stressful try-on sesh required? Here are some tips for you!



Step 1. Measure your calves

The first thing to make sure a fab fit is of course to measure our calves, IN A RIGHT WAY! Now, first, sit on a chair comfortable enough to make your legs 90-degree vertical to the ground.
Second, take a tape measurer and get your calf circumstance at their widest part. Go with the maximum number to ensure a stretch in the shaft part in case of a measuring error when shopping online. Don’t worry if you have no tape measurer at hand. A string can take the job. Loop the string around your calves and then measure the string with a ruler or a yardstick.
Third, make sure you measure both legs because it’s common for one to be slightly bigger than the other(the same reason for taking the maximum).


Step 2. Pinpoint your style

Long gone are the days when we have to compromise style for comfort. Wide calf boots have proved themselves with diversified latest designs. Done with the size you need, it’s time to ask yourself what style you like best and/or suits you most.

Wide Calf Once-for-all Boots

Things may happen when you stand at your wardrobe struggling about which boots to pair, or when you stare at the screen and open and close one web page after another, trying to pick one out of a million. The following boots can ease your headache!

  • Brown Pointed Toe Side Zipper Stiletto Wide Calf Boots

Brown Pointed Toe Side Zipper Stiletto Wide Calf Boots

The secret of being versatile is plain but classic in design. These babies can sustain you from the board to the bar. They are not attention-seeking but surely fail-safe! You can pair them with your suede skirts, skinny jeans, and even leggings without a second thought! The light brown hue helps light up the dark tone of our coat and the cooler weather.

  • Black Square Toe Chunky Heel Wide Calf Boots

Black Square Toe Chunky Heel Wide Calf Boots


I’ll say patent leather is the best material for winter boots. Featuring glossy patina and flocking lining, these boots are the perfect mix of bold style and durability. Just like your best friends, keeping you warm and saving you from the complex process of caring.

Wide Calf Dress Boots

Is there anybody out there bothered tucking your trousers in your boots? Count me in. To keep the bottom part right and tight all day, I have to wear a pair of long socks and tuck the trouser legs first into the socks and then put on my boots, or the trouser legs will soon bunch up and punch up my chubby ankles(Hate it!). So I love wearing dresses more than trousers in the autumn and winter to alleviate the heaviness of the lower part of my body. For the boots to pair with, I especially recommend these:

  • Wedge Platform Knee High Wide Calf Boots


Wedge Platform Knee High Wide Calf Boots


These dreamy boots are exactly what a platform fave would miss the world for! Featuring a thick sole for maximum comfort, these boots are made for strutting, not walking. The tailored silhouette suits best with your bodycon bottom, shining with major bad betch energy as well as preppy cuteness.

  • Black Round Toe Block Heel Wide Calf Boots

Nothing speaks out louder both chic and elegance than these boots. The almond toe and metallic chain mix and match, showcasing your unique sense of style. Try them on with a swing dress and go for your Christmas and New Year parties.

Wide Calf Riding Boots
Riding boots are among my favorite because they can always give me a boyish style. Andthe combination of lace-up and zip-up design allows more room than a monolithic surface. These boots coordinate both trousers and dresses, amping up a sense of casualness and confidence.

  • Wide Calf Pointed Toe Knee High Boots


Wide Calf Pointed Toe Knee High Boots


Flat boots are obviously more suitable for actual riding activity, but these boots I am gonna recommend are more suitable for gathering with friends for coffee or a sip at the end of the year. Wearing these boots featuring pointed toes and stiletto heels, you can be a trendsetter while shopping and a diva during parties!

Wide Calf Rain Boots/Wellies

On wet days, no one can live without rain boots. As these boots are made for your trousers to be tucked in, their shafts are fit-friendly for us with strong calf muscles. They make getting into and out of your shoes a breeze and give you a dry and clean walking. These boots can’t fit all occasions but they are worth keeping against a rainy day.

Other Fun Wide Calf Styles
Fashion is for everyone! These babies are the look-at-me boots, ready to let you get in and out whenever the mood strikes.

  • Rainbow Pointed-toe Stiletto Wide Calf Boots


Rainbow Pointed-toe Stiletto Wide Calf Boots


Everyone needs a kind of craziness once in a lifetime! These boots are perfect for dull days to display our mood. Don’t miss these if you feel in a “rainbow” mood!

  • White Pointed Toe Cone Heel Wide Calf Boots


White Pointed Toe Cone Heel Wide Calf Boots


Featuring a black-and-white contrast and cone heels, these boots can never go out of date. The straight shaft promises you a stretch in the calf part. They will definitely look cool with your trim-fitting insulating jacket and a clutch clasping to your waist.


Step 3. Pinpoint your goal

If you feel a little doubt about your curve calves(though you don’t have to, I love mine), we have our solution too. Now think about what you care most while investing in a pair of wide-calf. You may be thinking about:
For athletic calves
My secret to making athletic calves thinner (visually) is to choose the wide calf boots with the right shaft height. The shaft should be high enough to cover the bulging muscle of our legs, as the saying goes “Out of sight, out of mind”(Just joking!). The other element we should also pay attention to is the fabric of the boots. Commonly, the stiff fabric is more suitable for us than the ordinary one. The stiff fabric(like PU) can better modify the curve of our calves instead of snugly wrapping our legs, which may magnify our muscles. So height and fabric. These are the two elements that we can give our second thoughts on when shopping for a pair of wide calf boots online.
For elongation
For girls with a full figure, visual elongation can be a major concern. High heels may be the first resort for most of us but they are also the source of walking pain. Maybe this time try to consider the shape of toes while choosing wide calf boots. Different shapes of toe may give a different visual effect and make us look different in height. Generally, pointed toes help elongate our legs better than round or square toes and can even make the back of our feet thinner (also visually). Besides, pointed wide calf boots play a significant role in polishing up our outfit. With the right ensemble, a pair of pointed-toe boots can boost a demure temperament of a mature age.
For comfort
If modification and fashion are not the things that you are seeking, it would become much simpler. A pair of flat riding wide calf boots can be your Mr. Right to walk for miles in and sustain you lasting comfort and fitness.


Enough for the elaboration! Hope the tips be a great help to you. Autumn is coming. Take your time and find the right pair of wide calf boots and thank your legs for the all-year support!

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