How To Pair Your Jeans With Boots?

Autumn is coming on its way and long gone the heat and shorts of the summer. Open your closet and what will you reach for your outfits for the upcoming seasons of 2022? Bet you get jeans, right? Most of you tend to pair your jeans with sneakers to spare time thinking over(Am I right?). Casual and fail-safe as such combo is, you should sometimes seek for something new. Let’s see what we can do to make our jeans outfit a little bit more fashionable and classic!
I shall say that fall and winter are seasons made for boots. Many girls commonly tend to pair boots with dresses of all kinds, either one-piece or skirts. It is indeed a safe and sound choice for most of us. But as the weather gets cooler, a dress-boots combo may not be a wise choice. Recent years, the jeans-boots combo has come as a trendy go-to. Many celebs and models have made an excellent example for us to follow.

How chic! Ready to get this? We can all be a model with three-season closet staple(jeans) and a pair of boots! While going with a jeans-boots look, the first thing you should pay attention to is the length and style of your jeans. There are Mom jeans, baggy jeans, flare jeans, straight-leg jeans, wide-leg jeans...Wait, wait, wait. Why bother the confusing talking? Let’s go directly to a fit-for-all formula and work out some ensembles once and for all!


Cropped jeans and ankle boots

As a general formula, cropped jeans or straight jeans will always be a versatile go-for to match your ankle boots. Entering fall and winter, we all tend to put on chunky sweaters or overcoats. To avoid the dull and demure look, the combo of cropped jeans and ankle boots can better flatter our delicate ankles and offset the heavy clothing.

It seems that a pair of water-wash light-shade denim jeans is forever fail-safe to mix and match with no matter pointed toe or square-toe boots. You can pair any ankle boots at your hands to finish an easy-to-master outfit. For the top, any Tees or fleeces will make a simple but sleek look in the early autumn.

If you want to seek for a tone of edginess, some delicate touch on the design of your boots will take your outfit to the next level. For example, boots covered with stone or animal print or detailed with metallic buckle straps will surely give you a sassy look even if you are in your plainest tops! FYI, the patent leather ones will be your look-at-me boots under the background of your light-shade crisp jeans.

Isn’t it all fair to say that suede boots are heavenly-made for fall and winter? These textured boots will never fail to look good on any autumn and winter outfits. They can just pair your jeans of any shades and sustain you from the board room to the bar as long as you ensure that they are never stepped on the water! A windbreak is always a good choice to cope with the cooler weather. It can complement the denim trousers and suede footwear and give you a Barcelona mood.

A big fan of wide-leg jeans? Good news for you! Wide-leg jeans also go amazingly well with ankle boots. Make sure that your jeans stop one or two inches above your boots so that your fabulous footwear can be shown off. To cope with a long wide-leg jeans and ankle boots couple, I would recommend is to cuff your pants a little bit to the length of your ankle, just like cropped jeans but more chic and casual! Match these babies with your windbreak or long wool coat and feel yourself wandering in Paris street. 


Skinny jeans and knee high boots

Haven’t you tried once your skinny jeans with knee-high boots? What a pity! Skinny jeans and high calf boots are just a match made in heaven! This is exactly a combo that you will regret to miss in the upcoming seasons because it can go with almost all of your overcoat and blazers. You must know such combo is perfect for accentuating your curvature in cold weather when everyone just wraps up their bodies.

Western boots must be a solid option, when talking about skinny jeans-boots outfits. Characteristic of a wide calf and distinctive embroidery, these boots do just well to showcase your unique sense of style. Deep colors such as tan and black add to your sense of retro style, while light shades can offset your heavy and dull fall mood. It’s all your choice! Must try on these rodeo-ready boots for your autumn and winter!


Known for looking good with shorts and skirts, boots of knee-high and thigh-high are amazingly coordinated with skinny jeans as well! This is when you should take notice of your jeans so that they won’t bunch in your boots while moving around. As for the boots, any different materials will bring you distinct feelings. For those stiffening materials, for example, PU boots and patent leather boots, just feel at ease wearing them no matter to your workplace, shopping, or nightclubs. While for those suede or denim boots, special attention should be paid in case that they keep falling along your way. Whatever you choose, these knee-high boots will definitely fit perfectly into your everyday wardrobe. Plaid blazer, faux fur coat, knit cardigan, and leather jacket are best ways to fit! Just see what works best for you! 


What to go with mid-calf boots

A fave for mid-calf boots? Here is your solution. Most people think mid-calf boots are a kind of footwear that make them awkward because it seems hard to find jeans that match just perfectly to the length of the middle of our lower leg. But actually, mid-calf can just fit well with skinny jeans and Mom jeans like ankle boots and knee-high boots.

A pair of skinny jeans can be a quick go-to for all the boots above the ankle. These skinny jeans can be easily tucked into your boots. And you can avoid the bothering of bunching by wearing long socks(but shorter than your mid-calf boots!) and tuck your jeans in them once and for all. For the color of the jeans, the darker, the better as the boots should be the eye-catching part of our legs, and the jeans should just be a plain and fit-all background. With a pair of easy-to-master jeans, you can choose any mid-calf boots you like!

No one can skip western boots when choosing mid-calf or sloth ones! With a fancy design, these boots can amp up your stylish outfit with the perfect mix of bold style and durability. Try on any chunky sweaters and heavy short tops with these boots, and feel like a cowgirl!

Don’t miss mid-calf boots plus Mon jeans if you are a dare-minded fashion-seeker! This non-traditional combo will definitely make you a dramatic ensemble. Just make sure to tuck your jeans right and tight in your boots, and the outfit will speak for itself! A slight loosening of the butt and thigh harmonizes the slight tightening of the calf, forming a perfect shape of a cone of the lower part of your body. For this combo, wearing a trim-fitting insulating jacket or a bomber jacket can showcase your long legs and put the focus onto your look-at-me boots. How do you like that? What about picking up a pair of boots and trying them by yourself! 


Now any inspiration for your jeans plus boots autumn outfits? Dig out all of your jeans and pick a pair of new boots for the upcoming season and experiment with them by yourself! The sneakers won’t feel betrayed!

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